Hi, and welcome to Dane Gone Crazy. If you are as crazy about Great Danes as I am, then you have come to the right place! After enjoying this web site, I hope that its readers will be able to depart feeling confident about making the decision of whether or not owning a Great Dane is the right pet-choice for them. Some of the many factors that must be considered when making this decision include: the emotional/time/financial responsibilities and living environment that you will be able to provide for your prospective Great Dane. Sure, anyone who desires can own a Great Dane, but having the knowledge about what is involved in Dane ownership before actually acquiring one, is an important part of being a successful Dane owner. Besides informing my readers about what it is like owning one or multiple Great Danes, I will also provide you with the opportunity to learn about my breeding practice and my passion for Danes.           

I specialize in breeding Blacks and Blues. I breed for health, temperament and confirmation. All of my puppies are sold on a 3-year health guarantee. The health guarantee is to protect them from all genetic defects and hip dysplasia. They are also guaranteed to pass all OFA certifications. My contract protects the puppy in areas concerning care taking that will need to be met especially during the first few weeks after receiving him/her. I want all of my puppies to be placed in safe, loving and caring homes that will be able to financially support their puppy for the rest of its life. I keep in contact with all of my puppy buyers and ask for picture updates every six months. Every puppy I have sold has meant the world to me and I consider having a responsibility to them even after they leave my care. I don't breed just to earn a living and I will not sell a puppy just to anyone that comes to my door with a hand full of cash. If you are a breeder then you know that you're lucky just to break even on your puppy sale income. While breeding Great Danes is my business, it is also my hobby and is something that I am passionate about and love to do. I enjoy having a job/hobby that provides me with the opportunity to introduce joy, love, laughter and forever-faithful companionships into the lives of others.

I have been breeding Great Danes for 3 years and have produced at least one litter each year. I have very fair prices for my puppies because I want to give Great Dane owners or future owners the option to own a GREAT quality Great Dane for just a fraction of the price a Dane of this quality actually costs. All of my Great Dane puppies are raised in a loving, caring family environment while being given the opportunity to experience valuable early socialization which I believe is an essential component of healthy developmental stages for puppies. All of my adult and puppy Danes are fed a high quality diet and are not raised in kennels. The only time I kennel a dog/puppy is when I am potty training or, in some situations, for certain safety purposes. My Danes are indoor dogs that are given tons of love! My husband and I take our Danes outside to play all the time. Two of our Danes' favorite outdoor activities include their walks and trips to a local pet store and soccer field. Even though our Danes are spoiled, they and all of their grown puppies are recognized as being very well mannered and obedient. Being that I have trained all of my Danes myself, I am confident that the puppies they produce have the potential of being just as well behaved as their parents have proven to be throughout the years I have owned them.   

I consider my Great Danes a part of our family. The love my human family members and I have for our Danes and the love they give to us in return is an enormous part of what defines the word "family" in our household. Great Danes are like most people in that they love to interact with other humans. Your Great Dane will thrive if it is provided with the freedom of having normal socialization as an amenity of its schedule every day of its entire life. Danes do not enjoy being exclusively outdoor dogs and are not bred for this purpose. If the sole reason you desire purchasing a Great Dane is so that you can own a large guard dog to be kept outdoors at all times, then you have come to the wrong breeder. I will not sell a Dane unless I can be assured that it is going to be placed in a loving home where he/she will spend the majority of its life indoors with the rest of the family.   

I expect a lot from my current/prospective puppy buyers as I hope that they/you would expect from me in regards to the quality of the relationships and respect we have for our dogs and each other. I also expect my puppy buyers to fulfill their duties in properly training their Danes as early as possible to ensure that their behavior never has the opportunity to become out of control. I promise to always make myself available for any advice and support my puppy buyers may need when raising their new/growing Dane.
If you decide that you are ready to own a puppy and for some reason you choose not to purchase one from me, the only issue I have is concerning the possibility that you might be unknowingly purchasing your new puppy from a puppy mill. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever purchase your puppy from a place where the dogs are raised on dirt or in inhumane living conditions. The only way of being completely sure that you are not receiving a puppy from a puppy mill is to ask for and check out multiple references of the breeder and their practice, as well as having the opportunity to see the environment where your puppy was raised. That being said, I hope you have enjoyed your visit and also that I have answered some of your questions regarding what owning a Great Dane actually entails. I wish you good luck in your journey to finding your future furry family member.
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